The core volunteer programme runs throughout the year from the research station in Arona, Tenerife. This facility is a charming old Canarian farmhouse which, with three adjacent modern apartments, can accommodate around 35 volunteers at any one time.

Think Youth Hostel, not Hotel.

Volunteers will work from three main bases with numerous options for further experience.

  1. On the whale watching boats working as research guides, 3-4 days per week
  2. In the research room processing, analysing and interpreting data.
  3. In the Whale & Dolphin Information Centre in Puerto Colon, at the heart of the islands whale watching industry, interacting with the whale watching boats, tourists and the island’s tourism industry.
The Royal Delfin – One of the many whale watching boats our volunteers get to experience

The Whale & Dolphin Information Centre is also the Visitor Centre, and it has dedicated space for volunteers. With a management meeting room and public area, it is a space that allows for a number of key activities. In the centre we provide informational resources for whale watching tourists, the whale watching community, and for local educational needs. We also occasionally host pre-whale watching educational sessions and post-whale watching analysis of (tourist) photographs.

We also organise events focused on education and conservation, such as guest speakers, hotel and tour operator animation sessions, and campaigns such as beach clean-ups.

Our information centre is a hub for cetacean projects across the world- conservation, education, and research. By fostering connections with tourists at our centre, we are working to raise funds to support interesting projects across the Atlantic Ocean.

Our core goal is to raise awareness of threats facing whales and dolphins across the Atlantic Ocean.

There are no fixed start dates on this programme, join when convenient to you.

We only want volunteers with a positive attitude.

Anybody is welcome as a volunteer, as long as they are hard-working, positive and committed to making a difference.

For more information, check out our official page for volunteers