Our Visitors Centre, which is our primary operating base for our boat trips, is located in Puerto Colón in Tenerife. Puerto Colón is a great area to be based in, as it is the host of many different activity companies, restaurants and bars, and a nice beach, giving our volunteers access to many different great things when they are working down in the port.

It is also close to a shopping center and a big Mercadona supermarket, so volunteers are able to buy groceries if they choose to during their breaks in between boat trips.



Zion Bar

Right next door to our visitor centre is Zion Bar, an amazing Italian restaurant. They do a menu of the day every day, and for 5 euros customers can have a first and second plate and a drink.


Cafe Victoria

Located right on the marina, this cafe is our primary meeting point and our favorite spot to get breakfast. They offer a full English breakfast for €3,75 and coffee for a euro. This is where a lot of volunteers grab a bite to eat or a coffee in the morning, and where we meet for the van pick-ups at the end of the day.


The Beach

Located just a three minute walk from our Visitor Centre, the beach at Puerto Colon is a nice spot for volunteers to take a little break, soak up some sun or go for a swim to cool off during the hot summer months here in Tenerife.