Located right in Puerto Colon, the AWF visitor centre is our headquarters during the work week. We have computers and full wi-fi access for individuals to conduct research for the AWF as well as their own personal projects.

The Visitor Centre is where volunteers who are having a boat day meet in the morning to be informed about which boats they will be working on for the day. It is also where they can input data and fin shots after the boat trips.


We also host a Kids Club for tourists with children as well as the kids of employees of the local businesses in Puerto Colon. We have games and activities for them to do that incorporate lessons about the importance of marine conservation. The Kids Club helps us to further our education mission and instil awareness about the importance of conservation.

We also have a variety of leaflets with tourist information, and occasionally we have tourists pass through the centre to find information about different activities that they can do on the island.

Our visitor centre is meant to be a place of productivity. We have a variety of resources to help our volunteers find inspiration and information for their personal projects. It has a great location with access to everything in Puerto Colon, the perfect workspace to further the mission of the foundation.