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Kayaking w/ Teno Activo

Ocean Kayaking is a popular activity among volunteers that come and work here at AWF.

We have partnered with Teno Activo  based in Los Gigantes in Tenerife for our kayaking excursions. For a very reasonable price, volunteers receive a two hour kayak rental, complete with a guided tour and photographer as well as a beer or non-alcoholic drink halfway through the journey.


Each kayak had two people paddling, the seats were comfortable with back rests and came with one life jacket per participant. The guide also brings masks and snorkels, but we advise our volunteers to bring the ones we have at the foundation, so that they can fully enjoy a little swim during the break.

The water in this area of the island is really crystal clear, and swimming beneath the giant cliffs is an incredible experience. The ocean conditions are fairly mild, but it is a good workout for active volunteers!



A popular and frequent trip put on by AWF is a trip to El Medano beach to go surfing! El Medano is a well-known surfing beach famous for having great waves and wind for water sports.


There are plenty of surf and watersport vendors in El Medano, and we have partnered with Red Rock Surf Academy for providing our volunteers with surfboard rentals and lessons. For a very reasonable price, volunteers can have 2 hour group lessons, or just rent a board if they want to try to learn themselves. The surf shop has a huge selection of different sized boards for people of all abilities.


Parasailing is one of the many activities frequently organized by the AWF. It is an experience that every volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in, because the company we work with is located right in Puerto Colón near our visitors centre.

We are very fortunate to work with companies that give us great discounts for our volunteers to enjoy all Tenerife has to offer.

Our volunteer Gemma wrote this about her experience parasailing:

“This was an amazing experience as we were able to see the landscape of Tenerife and even some jumping dolphins were spotted by another volunteer whilst we were in the air. Not only did we get to parasail, but we also had a great mini boat trip around the coast. The parasailing was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone coming to volunteer with us.”




Anaga is the lush, green mountainous region in the north of the island of Tenerife. With peaks of up to 1,000 meters in places, it’s hard to miss when venturing up north. Some of our volunteers who have gone camping in Taganana have also gone hiking in Anaga. It is truly the best way to escape the summer heat while simultaneously enjoying spectacular views of the surroundings. There are various hiking trails that range from a couple of kilometers long (close to Taganana) to the route from Chamorga to La Laguna which is 34km long. Just make sure to take good hiking boots, plenty of water, and a light jacket as it often is a bit chilly up there.

Most of the region is accessible by public transport leaving from Santa Cruz:

To Chamorga (bus 947)

To Igueste de San Andres (945)

To Taganana (946)


Taganana & Camping Up North

The charming seaside town of Taganana is situated on the northern tip of the island, on the doorstep of the Anaga mountain region. Like most of the north of Tenerife, the area is generally cooler, greener, and less crowded than the south which makes it a great weekend escape.
Many of our past volunteers have travelled to Taganana quite easily by bus on the weekends. There is a direct line that leaves Santa Cruz station and takes you right to the coast. Taganana is well recommended for those who love to watch sunsets, surf, and camp out under the stars with friends.


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