The AWDF (Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation) is a UK registered charity driven by young volunteers from all over the world:

Our operating base is in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, where we run the volunteering programme on the whale watching boats and from where we co-ordinate our global network of grass root conservation and community projects…

In Tenerife, we work primarily towards helping to make one of the world’s whale watching industries a global example of human interaction with cetaceans. Activities revolve around education, conservation and research initiatives.

The volunteer programme is run year-round in Tenerife. Volunteers work 5 days per week, 3-4 days are spent on the whale watching boats, where volunteers act as research guides, collecting data and photographs of the whales and dolphins the boats encounter, and also answer tourist questions, collect signatures for anti-whaling petitions and educate tourists on the importance of conservation. The other week days are spent in the house, where individual volunteers can work on personal projects for their university or college projects, contribute to the research databases at AWF, or brainstorm other ideas that will further the message and goals of the foundation.

Volunteer areas include: Research, Art, Educational Workshops, Fundraising, Media, Photography, Film, Internet Marketing, Conservation Initiatives, International Developments and Strategic Management. Across our project ranges we are trying to achieve UN’ Millennium Development goals.

Volunteers are encouraged to find a project within one or more of the above categories and to work on this during their stay – so….if you love photography OR you’re a tech addict OR interested in conservation OR using your marketing and sales skills to work on fundraising ….then this could be the opportunity for you..!

Please check out our website for more information.