K9 Tenerife is a volunteer run charity that is associated with the AWdF. It is an animal shelter in the south of Tenerife that takes stray animals off the streets of Tenerife and aim to protect them and bring them back to health while also taking full care of them. The charity is fully run on the donations of the public with no official government funding to help. The organisation was first formed in 1993 by three ladies who were saddened by the number of strays that were neglected on the island and therefore started housing strays in home-built kennels and fundraising from local bars for the development of the charity. And over the years the charity has definitely grown! It has now expanded in kennels and also has connections with other large charities like the RSPCA. Now, it has also got a very hardworking committee working to improve the welfare of every animal that comes in to the shelter, that not only being cats and dogs, with instances of animals such as birds ranging all the way to big cats! Ther are many ways YOU can help out. Firstly, Donations for our associates are highly appreciated and can be made by straight donations at the main rescue centre in Las Chafiras / San Miguel area or through card payments. Also, if you are thinking of a new pet, why not consider adoption from the charity. More information about the organisation and the animals they care for can be found on their website



Today three of our volunteers went out to K9. While they were there they got to meet all the dogs. They even had some puppy cuddles. This was their experience.

The people running the rescue centre were very friendly and enthusiastic towards the us. First we then were assigned a dog each to take on a 40-minute walk around the beautiful area. we walked the dogs on a scenic route amongst the mountains.

The first dogs we walked were Rocky, Jones and Sarafina. These were three very friendly dogs who loved a long walks and lots of fuss! The second group of dogs we walked were called Sprite, Sally, Olga. Spite was a very timid dog and had to be walked by one of the female volunteers as she was afraid of males due to her past owners. However as the walk went on she gained trust towards us all and became much more confident. On the same walk Olga was walked by one of the male volunteers and she had a special interest in finding lizards in every bush she walked by.

The third and last group of dogs that we walked were Nepo and Chacho. We found it quite funny as Chacho had very large ears and Nepo had very small ones, so they were quite opposite but were the best of friends. We found the walks quite enjoyable as it was warm but there was clouds overhead making it not too warm for us or the dogs. While waiting for our second group of dogs to finish their breakfasts, we were aloud to cuddle a few of the puppies they had at the centre. This was our highlight of the day.

Even though we were not allowed to run away with the dogs we had fallen in love with, we were very happy to walk the dogs and in doing so help the K9 rescue centre.