It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to tackling global scale environmental problems, especially when acting on the individual level. While change doesn’t always happen overnight, there are plenty of ways that individuals can get involved to help work towards conservation of the threatened species of our oceans. Every little bit helps, and without positive, conservation-focused attitudes, the world will not change for the better.

  1. Don’t support companies that profit off captivity! Take your children on whale watching tours in the ocean when on vacation instead, to see the beautiful creatures in their natural habitatscaptiv.jpg
  2. Use reusable products instead of plastic disposable ones, like water bottles and bags. Unnecessary plastic consumption has led to our oceans being saturated with garbage, which gets into fish and eventually whales and dolphins. Without humans reducing our plastic consumption, certain reports predict that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.
  3. Eat sustainable fish species, check out Seafood Watch to find information on which species are most sustainable to consume, and which should be avoided entirely
  4. Organise or participate in a beach clean. Sort the materials cleaned off the beach into trash and recycling. beachclean.jpg
  5. Don’t use products with harmful chemicals or microbeads. These solutions end up in the water systems and eventually the oceans, further degrading the habitat of our beautiful whales and dolphins.
  6. Donate to whale conservation organisations, such as Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd
  7. Sign a petition against illegal commercial whaling that is still happening today in Japan, and against use of gillnets in Mexico which is decimating the remaining population of the Vaquita porpoise.vaquita.jpeg
  8. Educate children on the importance of ocean and species conservation. Passing down knowledge and understanding of why we need to protect our planet is key for our future. delfie1.jpg
  9. Organise a documentary night among family and friends – watch The Cove or Blackfish to spread awareness about the harmful effects of captivity on cetaceans  
  10. Support Atlantic Whale Foundation in our mission to partner with ocean conservation projects across the Atlantic and for our research and educational programs in Tenerife! Together, we can make a difference. awf